Lucky Sevens – A Writer’s Game

A blogger I’m following (not sure she knows I exist) posted this game:

This is a game where authors, once tagged, go to page 77 of their current manuscript, count down to the seventh line, and post seven lines from that point as a little tantalizing glimpse into their book.

This is an interesting idea.  I’ve gone to page  77 of Mourningtide, and here’s what I come up with:

…the gunwale of Ruler of Kings and watched as she surged along the Nile on the
back of the prevailing winds. They were moving between twin ribbons of green – the
cultivated land – the black land – bordering the great river. He could see the stark cliffs
fronting the desert if he raised his eyes, hiding the red land of the desert.
The city of Thebes flashed and glittered on either bank like a stretch of wind-
rippled water at noon. He could see gilding, white-painted buildings, gold-sheathed
obelisks before the temples and beyond them the stark shoulders of the hills, bordering
the desert.

Well, it’s a nice piece of description.  Since I haven’t been formally invited to this dance, I won’t be tagging anyone else…or will I?  Hmmm…

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