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This is from a story with the tentative title Lord of the Two Lands. It takes place two hundred years after Pharaoh’s Son.   As I mentioned before, I had a strong idea for a character and started jotting.  The plot … Continue reading

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Currently Under Construction…

I’m working on several stories (you should never work on just one – for  me, at least, when a story is finished there’s a sort of ‘grieving’ period where I feel lost and at loose ends.  The work is finished, … Continue reading

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The Author’s Pet

I read a book a while back that had me puzzled.  It was well crafted, colorful, moved at a good pace, but there was something skewed…  I put my finger on it when I reread the description of the hero.  … Continue reading

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…To Be Continued…

This world is not conclusion;A sequel stands beyond,Invisible, as music,But positive, as sound. (Emily Dickinson) People are naturally curious.  They like to ‘fill in the blanks’.  When I was growing up, I’d see someone and figure out what went before I saw him and … Continue reading

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Writing Tools

Look familiar? I like tools.  Any type of tools.  I can easily spend a month’s salary in a hardware store.  Or an office supply store.  Pens, pencils, screwdrivers, notebooks of all sizes, post-it notes, three-ring binders – I love them … Continue reading

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