Pharaoh’s Son

Pharaoh’s Son
A tale of murder in ancient Memphis
This is not the first I’ve written by any means, but it was written easily, since I’d taken time to understand the characters and the historic period, and it was written with a confidence and almost a panache that was a joy to feel. 
The crash of Pharaoh’s colossal statue into a throng of worshippers brings the festival of the good god Ptah of Memphis to a sudden, bloody end. An hour later, the main pylon of the temple collapses in a wave of rubble.  Prince Khaemwaset, the High Priest, barely escapes being killed, himself. Clues in the wreckage show that the disaster was deliberately set. He is confronted with questions that grow more alarming with every answer as the great temple of Ptah is rocked by a chilling series of murders.
Increasingly entangled in clues that lead to even more mysteries, convinced that the gods themselves are taking a hand in the puzzle, he appeals to Pharaoh for help and is sent a powerful ally in his eldest brother, Egypt’s Crown Prince, whose courage and resourcefulness are surpassed only by his bluntness.
The brothers fight against time as they try to unravel the mystery, knowing that there is more at stake than treasure, and the forfeit is greater than a man’s life. Something great and terrible is stirring, something they must find, hidden deep within the temple, something they must bring into the light before those who walk in darkness take it and turn it to evil.
PHARAOH’S SON is a historical novel set during the golden years of Ramesses the Great. It is a tale of murder, intrigue and hidden treasure that reaches back into Egypt’s heresy-shrouded past.

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Purchase Information:

Pharaoh’s Son is available on Amazon (Kindle and paperback), Barnes & Noble (paperback), other online retailers (paperback) or my estore(paperback).


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